Residential HVAC


For service on All Makes & Models, call WBH Services and get fast, professional service to ensure your home comfort. From new air conditioner installation and HVAC repairs to other cooling system options. As well as furnace and heating system repair, design and installation. Call WBH Services has for emergency heating system repairs to new furnace installation. Call today and lets get started and put our 30 years of experience to work for you!



New Equipment & Installation

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a unit is the efficiency, the higher the efficiency the lower the electrical usage. Here at WBH Services we can install a new Air Conditioning, Heating or Heat Pump systems that can REDUCE your electrical bill as much as 25% – 40% . We can do this with systems that have S.E.E.R Ratings between 13-23 and the use of programmable thermostats. We will also check the amount of insulation you have in your attic.

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Maintenance & Warranty Plans

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AC Services Avaialble  in Dallas, Texas Areas

We service all of these areas for residential ac repair, ac service, or replace/install all parts and equipment. And maintenance plans also available.